Asbestos Removal Ashburton

If you have concerns about the presence of asbestos on your property in Ashburton, we can assist. ANZ Enviro is the leading asbestos removal and testing company in New Zealand. We are your asbestos removal Ashburton solution. Why is that? Our expertise in hazardous material removals and site decontamination and remediation is second to none. Our professional team have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to deal with a vast array of challenges and technical difficulties. We have removed asbestos, decontaminated, refurbished, and remediated sites for commercial, industrial, residential, and government clients over many years. ANZ Enviro specialises in this field and employs innovative technology, exacting testing, air monitoring, and rigorous protocols to ensure the safety of all concerned. Our environmental record is exemplary, and we care about how things are done. We provide A and B Class asbestos removal, and a comprehensive strategic plan for all aspects of the remediation process going forward. We look after our clients from start to finish. Our highly trained professional operators and management will ensure that no stone is left unturned and that you receive the best service. We are, also, fully Covid 19 compliant in all of our services.

Friable Asbestos Removal

What is friable asbestos? Asbestos has been categorised as either ‘friable’ or ‘non-friable’ by the relevant authorities. In New Zealand Class A asbestos refers to friable, which is powdery or can be crumbled by hand to release harmful fibres. These airborne fibres if inhaled can cause serious health risks and disease in human beings. Friable asbestos is commonly found in thermal insulation, floor tiles backing, and sprayed coatings. The popularity of asbestos as a building material in New Zealand and around the world for many years means that it is highly prevalent. ANZ Enviro is a fully licenced Class A and B removalist in Ashburton and throughout New Zealand. Our professional team will safely remove all traces of friable asbestos from your building and site. We offer a full containment service to ensure the protection of all concerned.

Asbestos Testing Ashburton

It all begins with testing. If you suspect the presence of asbestos at your property or site ANZ Enviro can properly test to find out whether this harmful material is present. We provide a range of testing and laboratory analysis. Our trained technicians collect physical samples for testing utilising rigorous safety protocols. We are your asbestos testing Ashburton solution. Our experience and industry knowledge ensures the detection of harmful substances if they are present on-site. In addition, we offer a range of air monitoring reports throughout the process. Clarity is an essential factor when dealing with potentially dangerous materials like asbestos. Removal and decontamination can only follow effective detection and testing.

About Ashburton

Ashburton is a fairly big township on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Located in the Canterbury Region and some 85km southwest of the city of Christchurch. Nearby towns are Dunsandel and Leeston. The population of Ashburton is around 20, 200 according to recent surveys. The town was named after Joseph Thomas Ashburton, who was a surveyor in the mid nineteenth century. The town is situated on the Canterbury plains geographically speaking. Agriculture and pastoral farming are the traditional land usage in this region. The climate is described as dry and temperate. Hot summers in excess of 30 degrees Celsius and annual snowfall in the winter are regular weather events. Primary industries provide around a third of Ashburton’s GDP, with farming the major player. Dairy farming via irrigation is a prominent feature within the Canterbury plains in the Ashburton District. The township was named the “Cooperative Capital of New Zealand” due to the high number of said types of companies in the region.

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ANZ Enviro & COVID 19

ANZ Enviro are experienced, capable and equipped with the required training and protocols to clean any facility impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. ANZ Enviro continue to assist in minimising the risk to the public by providing hazardous decontamination services..



Asbestos Removal & Testing

We can remove and test all types of asbestos that you may have at your residential or commercial property.


Hazardous Material Remediation

Removal and decontamination of any hazardous materials that may be present at your premises.


Industrial Hygiene

Commercial and industrial cleaning for a safer working environment for you and your employees.

Duct Cleaning

HVAC and Duct cleaning

Air hygiene through duct, heating and ventilation cleaning to reduce hazards from airborne contaminants.

Contaminated Sites

Contaminated Sites

Remediation of large-scale contaminated sites such as soil, water and liquid waste treatment as well as soil removal.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Our highly qualified and experienced quick-response teams are on standby, offering safe materials recovery resulting from emergencies such as fire and flood.


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