Asbestos Removal Ashburton

ANZ Enviro is a leading hazardous material, demolition, and regeneration company in Ashburton. With extensive experience throughout New Zealand, we specialise in hazardous remediation of any type including A & B Class asbestos removal, contaminated land, building refurbishment, ongoing infrastructure, and emergency services whilst delivering a full suite strategic management package.

Our focus is always “do it once, do it right”, prioritising the client experience and ensuring financial & timeline targets are achieved within high-risk business critical environments.  We are renowned for our innovative technology, industry knowledge, professional proficiency and diverse experience with a successful project repertoire including all levels of government, emergency works, blue chip clientele as well as residential customers.

Friable Asbestos Removal

Friable asbestos material refers to asbestos which is dry or as the result of a work process may be pulverised, crumbled, or reduced to a powder by hand pressure. Friable asbestos products are the most hazardous and the most difficult to remove safely. Under health and safety legislation friable asbestos removals can only be performed by a Class A licenced asbestos removalist. Examples of potential friable asbestos containing material may include but is not limited to pipe lagging, boiler insulation and sprayed insulation

ANZ Enviro are Class A licence holders and have the necessary experience and capabilities to carry out friable removals to the highest safety standards. We will not compromise on safety for our asbestos removal operatives or for our clients.

Bonded or Non-Friable Asbestos Removal

Bonded or non-friable asbestos material is the most common type of asbestos. Bonded asbestos means that when dry it may not be crumbled, pulverised, or reduced to powder by hand pressure. Examples of potential bonded asbestos including but are not limited to the following: 'super six' fencing, wall panelling, electrical metering boards, eaves, vinyl floor tiles, plaster patching compounds, etc.

This form of asbestos material is considered the least dangerous and is generally safe when undisturbed. However, if the material must be disturbed then it is recommended to outsource these works to a licenced asbestos removalist such as ANZ Enviro. Our licensed and experienced team will ensure the project is done safely whilst ensuring all financial and timeline targets are achieved.

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ANZ Enviro & COVID 19

ANZ Enviro are experienced, capable and equipped with the required training and protocols to clean any facility impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. ANZ Enviro continue to assist in minimising the risk to the public by providing hazardous decontamination services..


Asbestos Removal & Testing

We can remove and test all types of asbestos that you may have at your residential or commercial property.

Hazardous Material Remediation

Removal and decontamination of any hazardous materials that may be present at your premises.

Industrial Hygiene

Commercial and industrial cleaning for a safer working environment for you and your employees.

HVAC and Duct cleaning

Air hygiene through duct, heating and ventilation cleaning to reduce hazards from airborne contaminants.

Contaminated Sites

Remediation of large-scale contaminated sites such as soil, water and liquid waste treatment as well as soil removal.

Emergency Response

Our highly qualified and experienced quick-response teams are on standby, offering safe materials recovery resulting from emergencies such as fire and flood.


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