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As one of the oldest cities in New Zealand, Dunedin is home to many older commercial, industrial, and residential structures dating back to the late 1800s.

Most notably, the city boasts historical architecture including the oldest university in New Zealand (The University of Otago) as well as Larnach Castle and Olveston Historical Home.  Since the city was founded in 1848, Dunedin has been a hub for commercial and industrial growth.

With the discovery of gold, the city of Dunedin was placed on the New Zealand map for both historical significance and in terms of prosperity.  With the gold rush came a surge in population via overseas immigration to the city.

During this affluent era many institutes and businesses were established increasing the footprint of the metropolis, and naturally new construction including demolition and refurbishment was abundant.

Dunedin is ever evolving and adapting to the culture and status of its residents.  Most recently, it has reinvented itself as a ‘heritage city’ with wonderful Victorian and Edwardian style refurbishments scattered throughout which accurately capture the past.

With such a rich array of older historic buildings within the city is no surprise that ANZ Enviro is frequently called upon to provide expertise in the in the removal of hazardous materials and demolition works.

Given the historical significance of the Dunedin area, the ANZ Enviro team can ensure building materials including antiques can be architecturally salvaged and are not contaminated by hazardous materials.

We believe the recovery of these vintage areas is a critical component to the construction process and must be considered during deconstruction works thus our team always considers opportunities for salvage and recycling through the reuse of materials, supplies and resources.

Jewell TelmaJewell Telma
12:06 25 Nov 22
We purchased an old laundromat for redevelopment. ANZ Enviro were the first company that got back to us for commercial asbestos removal. They presented the quote in person, and have been highly professional.
Malika EmersonMalika Emerson
13:45 22 Nov 22
Great priced asbestos removal team. Had a heap of asbestos removed from our house in the walls. Clean, friendly and overall great group of people.
Lakita KristelLakita Kristel
02:54 17 Nov 22
Recently purchased a property in which most walls and ceilings were made from asbestos. ENZ Enviro Asbestos Removal provided a reasonable cost so we employed them to remove it all. They carried out the work as explained and updated me during the work with photos of their process. We now have an asbestos free home. So I would definitely recommend their services to others.
Irma BradenIrma Braden
08:57 26 Oct 22
These guys are the best Asbestos Removalists in Rangiora. Our site was held up until we could get the asbestos we unexpectedly hit removed. When we told them it was an emergency (As the hold up was costing money) they came out right away.
Mira CarterMira Carter
07:06 18 Oct 22
We used ANZ Enviro for the removal of our asbestos fences at our home in Christchurch. They were great to deal with in all aspects from getting the quote, booking in the job, to commencement of works.
Erin GunnellErin Gunnell
05:06 10 Aug 22
Really happy with the service we received with our asbestos testing.
Katelyn BrassellKatelyn Brassell
15:58 06 Aug 22
Prompt and efficient asbestos removal service. ANZ and the team were prompt and through. Highly recommended them.
Sandra KramerSandra Kramer
22:24 05 Aug 22
Will be using ANZ Enviro again, very professional and they did a very good job on removing the asbestos cladding that we had.
Teddy BroylesTeddy Broyles
21:44 05 Aug 22
We had some asbestos roof sheets removed from our house in Christchurch, they were affordable and a pleasure to deal with
Rocky MitchellRocky Mitchell
02:02 05 Aug 22
Reliable, punctual and very pleasant to deal with. The best asbestos removal team in Christchurch.
Henry FryerHenry Fryer
22:30 02 Apr 22
We had asbestos in the laundry, the kitchen and the toilet and needed it gone ASAp so we weren't holding up the renovations (All the tradies were booked in) ANZ Enviro were super fast and accommodated our situation and the necessity for speed.
James LeanneJames Leanne
22:12 18 Mar 22
Fantastic service from ANZ Enviro, they helped us identify asbestos in our building and had it removed and disposed of.
Stuart RoryStuart Rory
06:00 28 Feb 22
Had a large amount of asbestos removed from our home, ANZ removed everything, cleaned the area and had it taken away, very fast and prompt.
ritchie bowerritchie bower
08:42 27 Aug 21
We worked with ANZ enviro and there knowledge.and experience was critical to completing the project to a high standard and below budget.
Marco whiteMarco white
17:12 28 May 21
We rang Alistair about some suspicious walling in our demolition job just north of Christchurch. He confirmed our suspicions that it was Asbestos.The team were highly professional with their testing, removal and disposal of the asbestos. I'm very happy to offer this review for their great work .

During common renovation projects such as demolition, deconstruction and upgrade works it is not uncommon to encounter harmful materials. It wasn’t until 1984 that it became illegal to import raw asbestos into New Zealand and as such, asbestos along with other hazardous materials is still commonly found.  For instance, in February 2021, Dunedin reported high levels of lead in their water supply.  Local authorities took action to negate the effects on residents and upon investigation found that it was potentially caused by long term exposure to lead in the water supply.  Contamination to water and land (soil) can sometimes occur due to the historical nature of a location or due to waste or chemicals.  These changes to the land or groundwater can pose a risk of harm to the environment and the health of those within the area.

In circumstances where waste, chemicals, or other hazardous materials (asbestos) have caused contamination to the land or groundwater, ANZ Enviro can be engaged to clean, remove and dispose of this kind of contamination.

Hazardous materials of this nature can be challenging projects to undertake thus requiring experience and specialist knowledge of the contaminated landscape, history of the location as well as risk to the environment and human health.

It is also important to note that many hazardous materials are unrecognizable by the naked eye.  These types of hazardous materials including lead-based coatings and paints, asbestos, guano, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

Thankfully our qualified team have this specialist knowledge and years of experience to ensure removal works are in line with all local regulations and standards whist considering risk alongside current or proposed future use.

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As well as paying reverence to its historical past Dunedin is also moving forward with complex ventures and various deconstruction projects.

ANZ Enviro is often called upon to provide safe demolition, recycling and strip out services within the Dunedin area, and have many successful projects completed in surrounding areas such as Allanton, Mosgiel, East Taieri, St Clair, Brighton Beach, Port Chalmers as we specialize in works involving hazardous products including lead paint, asbestos, guano, and many other hazardous materials.

Environmental wellbeing is always at the forefront for ANZ Enviro and that is why their approach is so unique and professional.  We safely remove and/or encapsulate materials such as asbestos without causing environmental contamination whilst salvaging as much as possible.

To the east of Dunedin sits the Otago Peninsula.  This wonderful natural habitat is maintained by the Otago Peninsula Trust and is home to several rare species such as the yellow-eyed penguins and the little penguins.  Taiaroa Head is noted as a site of global ecological significance and is home to many breeding colonies of Royal Albatross.

The environmental aspect of Dunedin is paramount, and it is essential that this area is maintained for future generations.  ANZ Enviro examines the environmental aspect of every project.

From architectural salvage to general recycling, to reducing onsite waste as much as possible, our team endeavors to increasing profitability through reuse in every way possible.   Alongside hazardous material remediation and demolition works that span New Zealand, the ANZ Enviro team focuses on sustainability, regeneration, and deconstruction efforts.  Whilst following government regulations and legislative standards, our team has successfully salvaged, recycled, and ensured better resource management throughout each project.

Our team focuses on what is specifically needed for each site and considers ways to reduce the impact to the environment whilst preserving natural resources.  With our extensive project experience, we take into consideration all elements of complex sites including environmental requirements, any historic context, and cultural needs.

Regardless of the project size or scale, we always ensure that our professional team of experienced hazardous removalists will ensure timeline and financial targets are met.  ANZ Enviro has an especially good familiarity with challenging projects including areas with possible cultural significance or areas where one may need to be additionally mindful of the environment.

Keeping the environment forefront in our work is within our ethos as we strive for regeneration whenever and wherever possible.

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About Us


ANZ Enviro takes pride in the ability to deconstruct a building, identifying the hazardous materials (such as asbestos and lead-containing paint) then safely remove materials from the site.

Our team is qualified and experienced hazardous removal experts with Class A and Class B asbestos removalists licenses and our focus is on catering to the individual needs of each project.

The ANZ Enviro repertoire proudly includes many demolition projects, deconstruction projects as well as removal and disposal work of hazardous materials and waste. Services also include salvage services including recycling and antiques.

From start to finish our team approaches each project with upmost professionalism and exceptional work ethic.  As such, ANZ Enviro is one of the most popular choices for Dunedin locals and often called upon by regional commercial, industrial businesses as well as residential customers.

ANZ Enviro is proud to offer a wide range of environmental services to the Dunedin area and surrounds. Our service repertoire includes asbestos remediation (friable and bonded), hazardous material remediation as well as environmental hazard remediation and demolition services (as required).

The ANZ Enviro team can cater to the commercial market as well as residential requirements as licensed Class A and Class B asbestos removalists.  Throughout the years, our team of highly skilled project managers and operatives have worked on sites of varying sizes and significance including those for all levels of government, emergency works, blue chip clientele and residential customers across NZ.

From project to project, we have the expertise and means to clean and remove hazardous substances whilst recognizing the need for responsible and sustainable project management in alignment with ecological goals of regulation and legislation.

ANZ Enviro is versed in completing projects requiring demolition works in combination with or independently of hazardous remediation.

We specialize in complex demolitions especially those involving lead paint, asbestos, and many other hazardous materials and we have completed several smaller projects throughout the NZ area such as strip outs.

No matter what your project may entail we look forward to providing the best service possible and look forward to hearing from you today!