Asbestos Removal Invercargill

Asbestos Removal Invercargill

Invercargill is one of the southernmost cities in the world, surrounded by rich countryside and bordered by areas of conservation land and marine reserves.  During the 1860s Invercargill benefited from the Otago gold rush with a sharp rise in population from immigrants who settled throughout in the area. During the late 1800s this area saw continued expansion within the dairy industry (especially in butter and cheese exports), so naturally this region also saw an increase in dairy farming within the region.

With all this local development to the town also came substantial construction to both commercial and residential structures.  The CBD expanded as new homes were constructed alongside larger commercial and industrial spaces.  Today, Invercargill (known by many as the ‘City of Water and Light’) continues to develop and grow alongside its historical roots.

Invercargill has a compelling history dating back to 1856 when the gold rush and industrious rural businesses lead the town to sustainable growth and productivity.   Whilst some of these industries have faded in recent years their mark is still very much Invercargill’s backbone which can be vividly seen in the architectural landmarks located around the town. Given the age of the city, many of these structures have required recent works to ensure their long-term preservation.

As such, these buildings have undergone significant deconstructions, renovations, demolitions, refurbishments.  During these projects, the charming aesthetic of these historical buildings is obvious, but one could not ignore the potential underlying dangers that may lurk beneath the surface.

As works have been undertaken throughout the Invercargill area, several hazardous and dangerous materials have unfortunately been uncovered.  As such, hazardous remediation (as performed by a qualified experts such as ANZ Enviro) has often been performed alongside these complex structural upgrades and alterations.  It is critical that hazardous materials area addressed prior to demolition or renovation project commencing.

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All building and renovation projects surely have challenges but hazardous materials within uncontrolled areas can pose the greatest risk.  Without professional assessment and consequential removal, contaminations found in buildings can result in dangerous exposure.

At the beginning of any demolition, reconstruction or architectural salvage project, a hazardous material assessment should be conducted to determine the presence of materials such as asbestos, lead, mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, chlorofluorocarbons, and guano. Recognizing and understanding the legislative requirements, HSE regulations that apply to disturbance, removal and disposal of these materials can also help successfully mitigate issues.

Given its significant risk of these materials, it is paramount that if any building material is suspected to be hazardous materials (such as asbestos) that it is left alone.  If suspected asbestos containing materials (ACM) are discovered it is recommended that work stop until materials can be safely removed by a professional contractor such as ANZ Enviro who has the appropriate training, personal protective equipment, removal techniques and exposure monitoring capabilities.

Although asbestos was banned in New Zealand in 1984, this and many other hazardous materials may still lurk in your commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. As a strong, cheap building material, the construction industry previously used asbestos widely in a variety of products before its deadly effects were known.

Its use was spread throughout New Zealand until the 1980s following its commercialization and asbestos was even mined in small quantities until 1960s in the South Island.  Other finished asbestos-containing products may also be found as asbestos in mixed products was imported throughout the country until the 1980s.

It is recommended to always engage a profession such as ANZ Enviro during deconstruction works and for testing and remediation no matter if it is a big or small project.

We are all aware that asbestos is detrimental to our health, but why is it so dangerous?  The inhalation or ingestion of asbestos fibers can lead to various health concerns including mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung disease and lung cancer.

Structures built before the 1987 may still contain asbestos as the production of asbestos building materials within New Zealand continued until this year.  Asbestos is especially concerning when structures become disturbed or damaged over time.

As asbestos containing materials become moved this is when asbestos fibers are released into the air which can lead to fibers becoming inhaled or ingested. Breathing in or ingesting asbestos fibers can pose a significant danger to health with the risk increasing based on duration and intensity of exposure.  It is best to avoid exposure completely as it is recognized that there is no safe level of asbestos exposure and asbestos is a known carcinogenic.

Common asbestos containing materials include but is not limited to floor tiles, ceilings, pipes, insulation, concrete gaskets, and seals.  Asbestos poses a potential risk as breathing in asbestos fibers can cause lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

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In addition to friable and bonded asbestos removal works, the ANZ Enviro team is also versed on other types of hazardous remediation including lead-based paint, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), guano removal and contaminated land.

Our services include intricate antique works, architectural salvage projects or strip out, HVAC and Duct cleaning and graffiti removal. Additionally, we seamlessly project management all demolition and hazardous remediation works.

It doesn’t stop there as ANZ Enviro are meticulous in our approach and project fulfilment.  Along with the identification and removal of asbestos we can deconstruct and salvage the best architectural aspects of any site, by either carefully removing the hazardous materials or encapsulating it to prevent any detrimental effects to the environment and surrounding population.

This makes ANZ Enviro very popular with their clients as it increases the profitability of a project as well as taking into consideration the architectural heritage and antique nature of a site.

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Something that isn’t discussed often is what happens in an emergency.  If there is a fire or flood causing damage to a building containing asbestos, then there is a chance that asbestos containing materials may also have been damaged.

During an emergency, asbestos, mould, mercury, and other hazardous contamination are important considerations and these factors must be attended to by a professional, experienced, and licensed removalist such as ANZ Enviro.

At ANZ Enviro we have a 24/7 Emergency Response Team that is prepared to make even the most difficult and complex situations safe from the effects.

Our qualified and experienced team of specialists at ANZ Enviro will efficiently manage projects of any size and scale from start to finish to minimize risk and mitigate stress, and have completed many successful projects in Invercargill and surrounding areas such as Balclutha, Gore, Edendale, Lumsden areas.

ANZ Enviro have a “do it once, do it right” approach to all that we do.  This proactive approach prioritizes the client and ensures financial and timeline targets are always met.

The ANZ Enviro team provides expert proficiency and key industry knowledge with a successful project background in all levels of government, emergency works, blue chip clients and residential customers.  You can rest assured that correct processes and procedures will always be followed as ANZ Enviro are proud to have achieved accreditation in ISO 14001 – Environmental Management, ISO 9001 – Quality Management and AS/NZS 4801 – Occupational Health and Safety.

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With a dedicated team that has been within the construction, demolition, and hazardous remediation industry for over three decades, we recognized early on the importance of sustainably.

During the early stages of our business ANZ Enviro harnessed every opportunity to positive impact the environment using recovery efforts via recycling, repurposing, salvage, and deconstruction.

With involvement from all aspects of our supply chain, we can consider improvements such as less waste, better resource management and how materials or supplies can be better utilized.

The team at ANZ Enviro have a wealth of knowledge backed by over three decades of professional experience gained from working within the industry.

Our specialty includes executing challenging projects within tight timelines which require our proficiency of both hazardous remediation and demolition works simultaneously.

Our friendly and qualified team is available anytime to inspect your commercial or residential property and quotes are always provided free of charge. We encourage you to give us a call today!