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The picturesque urban municipality of Kaiapoi is located close to the mouth of the Waimakariri River and is considered the satellite town of Christchurch.  This area was an important trading centre throughout the 1850s and 1860s, extensively mined for gold and has a growing population of approximately 7,400. Kaiapoi is famous for its grassy mounds, rich Maori heritage and unfortunately it fell within the red zone during the Canterbury earthquakes that rocked much of the Island over a decade ago.

The city also has a strong background in residential and commercial construction in a variety of projects throughout the area.  Along with these projects came unfortunate undercovering of hazardous materials including asbestos which required immediate clean-up. Following the 2010 and 2011 South Island earthquake, several repairs throughout the city were targeted around asbestos management (specifically asbestos cement), noting that several systems sustained massive damage.  Most significantly, across Kaiapoi the rupture caused destruction to existing commercial and residential spaces that were older or in poor condition. Over time it was likely that these structures were to break, crack and further deteriorate – causing tiny invisible strands of asbestos to become airborne however, this natural disaster expedited these happenings. Without proper management, these carcinogenic asbestos fibres can be inhaled, potentially leading to deadly lung diseases including mesothelioma.

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Again, in 2016 following an inspection, a clean-up of asbestos fragments along property boundaries within the Kaiapoi area was required.  These residential asbestos removal works were performed by a licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor, included asbestos air testing, and were necessitated to minimise public risk. With the discovery of any hazardous materials including asbestos, expedient mitigation is required.

The primary problems associated with asbestos contamination often come to light during renovations, demolition and deconstruction works.  The key is identifying environments that may be unsafe and being aware of the HSE regulations.

It is recommended to engage a professional such as ANZ Enviro for asbestos testing prior to embarking on projects of any size. Our team is one of the leading asbestos removal, demolition and regeneration companies within New Zealand and is comprehensively versed on providing a full suite strategic management package. Our speciality is hazardous materials such as contaminated land, friable asbestos removal and bonded asbestos removal. As qualified professionals, we can assist on projects of any size and always go above and beyond to provide the best service!