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Nelson is the oldest city on the South Island of New Zealand and is the second oldest city in the country.  Established in 1841, it has been built up over time and now boasts a population of over 51,000 with many historical structures of significance.

Nelson is known for its thriving arts scene which attracts tourists from all over the world to the Nelson Arts Festival as well the local arts and crafts events.

In addition to the many historical places’ worth exploring, Nelson has been nicknamed ‘Sunny Nelson’ due to it high number of sunshine hours per year, which also helps to attract tourists to the region.

The Waitaha people of the region are believed to be the first people to quarry argillite in the area (a sedimentary rock formed from consolidated clay).

Jewell TelmaJewell Telma
12:06 25 Nov 22
We purchased an old laundromat for redevelopment. ANZ Enviro were the first company that got back to us for commercial asbestos removal. They presented the quote in person, and have been highly professional.
Malika EmersonMalika Emerson
13:45 22 Nov 22
Great priced asbestos removal team. Had a heap of asbestos removed from our house in the walls. Clean, friendly and overall great group of people.
Lakita KristelLakita Kristel
02:54 17 Nov 22
Recently purchased a property in which most walls and ceilings were made from asbestos. ENZ Enviro Asbestos Removal provided a reasonable cost so we employed them to remove it all. They carried out the work as explained and updated me during the work with photos of their process. We now have an asbestos free home. So I would definitely recommend their services to others.
Irma BradenIrma Braden
08:57 26 Oct 22
These guys are the best Asbestos Removalists in Rangiora. Our site was held up until we could get the asbestos we unexpectedly hit removed. When we told them it was an emergency (As the hold up was costing money) they came out right away.
Mira CarterMira Carter
07:06 18 Oct 22
We used ANZ Enviro for the removal of our asbestos fences at our home in Christchurch. They were great to deal with in all aspects from getting the quote, booking in the job, to commencement of works.
Erin GunnellErin Gunnell
05:06 10 Aug 22
Really happy with the service we received with our asbestos testing.
Katelyn BrassellKatelyn Brassell
15:58 06 Aug 22
Prompt and efficient asbestos removal service. ANZ and the team were prompt and through. Highly recommended them.
Sandra KramerSandra Kramer
22:24 05 Aug 22
Will be using ANZ Enviro again, very professional and they did a very good job on removing the asbestos cladding that we had.
Teddy BroylesTeddy Broyles
21:44 05 Aug 22
We had some asbestos roof sheets removed from our house in Christchurch, they were affordable and a pleasure to deal with
Rocky MitchellRocky Mitchell
02:02 05 Aug 22
Reliable, punctual and very pleasant to deal with. The best asbestos removal team in Christchurch.
Henry FryerHenry Fryer
22:30 02 Apr 22
We had asbestos in the laundry, the kitchen and the toilet and needed it gone ASAp so we weren't holding up the renovations (All the tradies were booked in) ANZ Enviro were super fast and accommodated our situation and the necessity for speed.
James LeanneJames Leanne
22:12 18 Mar 22
Fantastic service from ANZ Enviro, they helped us identify asbestos in our building and had it removed and disposed of.
Stuart RoryStuart Rory
06:00 28 Feb 22
Had a large amount of asbestos removed from our home, ANZ removed everything, cleaned the area and had it taken away, very fast and prompt.
ritchie bowerritchie bower
08:42 27 Aug 21
We worked with ANZ enviro and there knowledge.and experience was critical to completing the project to a high standard and below budget.
Marco whiteMarco white
17:12 28 May 21
We rang Alistair about some suspicious walling in our demolition job just north of Christchurch. He confirmed our suspicions that it was Asbestos.The team were highly professional with their testing, removal and disposal of the asbestos. I'm very happy to offer this review for their great work .

Given the regions rich history it is no surprise that Nelson has flourished with an abundance of commercial and residential construction projects.

Given the prevalence of asbestos being used in construction, it was no surprise to see reports of asbestos being found in commercial quantities in and around the Nelson region for several decades now.  Specifically, quarrying in this region continued into the 1960s and the import of asbestos products continued well into the 1980s.

It is important to keep in mind that whilst asbestos is a banned substance it can still be found in many buildings, especially those built prior to the late 1980s.

Nelson is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the Tasman Bay on the other.  This makes for some of the most scenic views available in New Zealand and this pristine ecology is critical to the locals.  ANZ Enviro are ISO 14001 – Environmental Management certified and are passionate about the environment as well as the consequences of contaminated materials, land, water, and soils on the ecology.

Contamination to the environment in soil or water can occur due to mismanagement, historical factors of a site, waste, or chemicals.  Minimising this kind of contamination is key to the health and safety of its residents and the local environment.

As such, we have developed a collaborative approach focused on improvement, regeneration, and re-use where appropriate in all projects.  Since implementation, we have significantly increased the number of recycled contents from site through better resource management and via collaborative efforts which have encouraged less waste in general.

Our team has also successfully recovered supplies and other materials where possible including those for architectural salvage.  Throughout all our demolition and deconstruction works our team encourages repurposing, reuse, material salvage, disassembly, removal of building components for reuse (where possible and safe to do so).

This approach is appreciated by our Clients as it reduces our environmental footprint, but also improves the project bottom line with items being repurposed and salvaged where possible.

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ANZ Enviro are fully licenced to carry out hazardous remediation including Class A and Class B asbestos removal works on any scope and size as well as contaminated soil, water, and waste.  We have a proven track record in upholding safe working practices and maintain our standards as per Worksafe NZ.

Once a site has been cleared of hazardous materials, we always go to the next step to ensure the surrounding environment, plant and equipment is upheld with the upmost respect.

There are many different types of contaminants that can negatively affect our environment such as asbestos and ANZ Enviro can assist with these challenges as they occur.

On the rise is Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) which is becoming a global concern for many.  Our team has an advanced filtration system designed to remove environmental contaminants and pollutants from water, soil, sediments, and any other soil material.

Our removal and remediation system offers peace of mind for any project regardless of its size or challenging nature whilst considering the historical and cultural complexity of the environment itself.

The Nelson region is largely known for its quarries and ANZ Enviro is equipped to provide Mine Site rehabilitation.

The ANZ Enviro remediation teams have successfully completed projects in Nelson and the surrounding areas such as Richmond, Appleby, Hope, Blenheim, Picton, Able Tasman National Park, Eighty Eight Valley and the like, we  have over 35 years of experience spanning the UK, Australia and New Zealand removing contaminants, general pollution as well as industrial, manufacturing and mining activities from contaminated land.

Our professional repertoire includes removal of naturally occurring and other manufactured hazardous material such as asbestos, mould and lead remediation which can be found in large quantities throughout the area.

Our highly skilled and specialist team are capable to managing even the most complex projects to provide our diverse clientele with a positive experience.

We seamlessly manage projects from start to finish whilst catering to your specific needs and we have a solid understanding of the local Nelson environment.

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As a licensed Class A and Class B asbestos removalist, ANZ Enviro offers a wide range of asbestos removal services to meet your exact needs.

We complete any remediation and demolition works effectively including combined services requiring complex regeneration projects which may include securely removing any contaminated material.

As one of the of the leading deconstruction, demolition, and hazardous material removal company within New Zealand we focus on providing exceptional service to all clients.

Our teams of highly trained technicians throughout the South Island have been providing high-quality environmental management for over three decades and always ensure that financial and timeline targets are met.

When it comes to building and site deconstruction, every care is taken to identify any asbestos containing materials (ACM); which are then safely removed or encapsulated to prevent any risk to the local environment and population.

From there, the ANZ Enviro team can salvage as much of the architectural features as possible thus increasing the integrity of the site allowing key architectural features to be recycled and reused.

This is one of the many reasons why ANZ Enviro as so popular with residential and commercial clients, as these steps increase the profitability of a project, heavily reduce demolition waste from recycling key architectural antiques and adds unique features to a site.

We look forward to identifying project goals, mitigating risk, and ascertaining the best solution for your individual needs.