Asbestos Removal Rolleston

ANZ Enviro are the company for asbestos removal and asbestos testing in Rolleston and throughout New Zealand. We specialise in hazardous remediation and offer a comprehensive strategic management plan and package for businesses and individual property owners. Our fully trained and licenced operators can assist with both A and B Class asbestos removal, testing, and refurbishment. We are the experienced and fully equipped asbestos removal Rolleston solution on the South Island.

This means we are licensed for friable asbestos removal as well as bonded asbestos. At ANZ Enviro we are, also, fully Covid 19 compliant in our hazardous decontamination services. We are suited to protect from all levels of contamination and trained in the protocols, which save lives. If asbestos is a problem for you or you suspect the presence of a hazardous substance on your property, we can help. Our service is second to none and a leader in the disposal of hazardous waste in an environmentally aware manner.

Friable Asbestos Removal

The term ‘friable asbestos’ refers to the consistency of the material and indicates a powdery and crumbly, fibre releasing, state. Asbestos in this form is potentially highly dangerous to human health. Friable asbestos removal demands stringent containment protocols to prevent the dispersion of deadly fibres via airborne means. ANZ Enviro provides these levels of strict containment and air management systems for the safety of all those in the vicinity. Our leading service ensures the safe removal of the hazardous material and the decontamination of the environment. We dispose of all the friable asbestos and leave no trace behind. We take care of hazardous material removal, decontamination, and refurbishment on all industrial and domestic sites in Rolleston and Christchurch. Our employment of innovative technology makes us a leader in New Zealand for the remediation of contaminated sites and properties. Our professional expertise ensures that you are in the best and safest hands at all times.

Asbestos Testing Rolleston

Testing for the presence of asbestos ensures that you know what is present and potentially harmful on your property. The historical popularity of this material equates with its prevalence on sites around New Zealand. ANZ Enviro provides asbestos testing in Rolleston to ascertain the safety of your site or structure. Our procedures via physical sample collection and laboratory analysis will make sure that you know the true scientific state of the property in question. Hazardous materials are highly dangerous, and it is only through proper testing that you can be sure. Our extensive variety of asbestos testing and air monitoring reports offer clarity and a path forward for removal, decontamination, and refurbishment.

About Rolleston

Rolleston, or Roretana, Tauwharekakaho in Māori, is the biggest township in the Selwyn District of the Canterbury region on the South Island of New Zealand. It is a satellite city of Christchurch, with a population around 22, 000, according to 2020 figures. The city was named after William Rolleston, who was the Superintendent of Canterbury from 1868 to 1876. Rolleston has seen substantial growth and development since the 1990s when its population was only about 1, 000. The average age demographic is around 35 YO, which reveals the youth of the area and its potential for ongoing growth. A major health hub is under construction, the Selwyn Health Hub which will provide health amenities and jobs within the region. The 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquakes did affect Rolleston and damage was incurred to the town. There is a dairy boom happening in New Zealand and Rolleston has seen pine plantations turned into grazing land for dairy cattle. The prison is another employer of note within the region. The Burnham Military Camp is located around 3km from the centre of the township. The townships of Burnham and Prebbleton are the nearby. Rolleston is a fast developing locale, and the future looks bright.

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ANZ Enviro & COVID 19

ANZ Enviro are experienced, capable and equipped with the required training and protocols to clean any facility impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. ANZ Enviro continue to assist in minimising the risk to the public by providing hazardous decontamination services..



Asbestos Removal & Testing

We can remove and test all types of asbestos that you may have at your residential or commercial property.


Hazardous Material Remediation

Removal and decontamination of any hazardous materials that may be present at your premises.


Industrial Hygiene

Commercial and industrial cleaning for a safer working environment for you and your employees.

Duct Cleaning

HVAC and Duct cleaning

Air hygiene through duct, heating and ventilation cleaning to reduce hazards from airborne contaminants.

Contaminated Sites

Contaminated Sites

Remediation of large-scale contaminated sites such as soil, water and liquid waste treatment as well as soil removal.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Our highly qualified and experienced quick-response teams are on standby, offering safe materials recovery resulting from emergencies such as fire and flood.


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