Asbestos Testing Christchurch

Hazardous material testing including asbestos, lead paint, mold, and meth, must be performed using a physical sample & providing laboratory analysis.  To alleviate any concerns as well as minimise health risk during the collection process, it is always best to contact the ANZ Enviro team so a sample collection can be arranged by one our speciality trained team members.  Always remember that the only way for correct identification is by verified laboratory results.   All sampling & testing should be undertaken with a clear understanding of what action one will take if hazardous materials (such as lead paint or asbestos fibres) are detected as the safe removal of these materials is crucial. The ANZ Enviro team is professionally prepared, experienced & equipped to assist in the safe removal of any type of hazardous material.

Please also note that our fees and analysis times may vary.

asbestos removal christchurch

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We provide a wide variety of asbestos testing and air monitoring reports to help you identify if their is asbestos in your residential home or commercial properties. We can help you track down where the hazardous material is and have it removed for you and have the area cleaned to ensure the space is clean and rid of any asbestos materials.

asbestos testing christchurch

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