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Friable asbestos is usually a softer material, it can be powdery & can be crumbled by hand pressure releasing fibre with very little pressure or disturbance. When disturbed, fibres are easily released into the air causing damage if inhaled, hence the need for a much more stringent controls in the removal approach with the need of containment and filtered air management systems as well as many other controls, and a higher level of training.

asbestos removal christchurch

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When it comes to friable asbestos, it can be one of the most dangerous types of hazardous materials to have around your home, office or building. We are fully trained and qualified to remove, and dispose of this type of material in the safest manner possible.

We can have the material removed, taken away and have the area where the material was cleaned and decontaminated to ensure that all traces of the asbestos have been cleaned away for a safer and cleaner living or working environment.

asbestos removal christchurch

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Non-friable asbestos (bonded asbestos) can also become friable in some circumstances such as when a product is subjected to or impacted by fire, damaged or from general wear & tear (in many coastal or dry environments can also be eroded by sand and salt by wind blasting) over time. Regardless of the type of asbestos, it is critical to take appropriate safety precautions as both bonded & friable asbestos are very dangerous. With Asbestos related death still on the increase.  To minimise health risks from asbestos exposure, any amount of friable asbestos must be done by a Licensed Asbestos Removalist holding an Unrestricted or “Class A” Asbestos Removal License.

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